HyGear supplies industrial gases using advanced energy and cost-saving technologies. Our products are either offered as stand-alone systems or as part of an integrated package of solutions, including the entire gas mixing and delivery system tailored to the customers’ needs.

Our Gas-as-a-Service (GaaS) contracts show a close resemblance to any other normal supply agreement. The customer does not have to worry about the continuous supply and only gets charged for the contracted volumes of gas. The reason why we call it “a service” is that our supply method goes further than just delivery. We secure back-up and peak supply with our trailers and we partner in the engineering of the integration of the gas supply system in the overall plant or application.


Our preferred method of industrial sustainable gas supply is to generate the products at the end-users’ site. This saves expenses in trucking and large-scale storage. In cases where the average consumption falls below a certain amount, trucking would still remain the best option, as an investment in on-site equipment would not be justifiable. For such cases, we deploy our fleet of trailers that will supply the exact needs from our distributed sources in Europe and Asia.

HyGear_average consumption graph

In cases where the industrial gas consumption exceeds the capacity of our on-site generator, we can either cascade additional generators to tailor to the needs of the end-users or truck in additional temporary supply if necessary.

Site of glass manufacturer in Spain
Site of glass manufacturer in Spain


Our proposition is based on transparency and total service. We supply industrial gases in the required amounts against the lowest possible cost with the highest possible reliability.

HyGear distinct advantages

Our systems improve the overall safety profile at the customer’s site because of the reduced need for local storage of large volumes of industrial gases. And finally, because of the reduced needs for trucking and high-pressure storage, the overall environmental impact of our offering is much lower than conventional offerings.


We are proud to offer integrated supply contracts in which we warrant a 100% security of supply. Our contracts are flexible and no up-front investments are required in equipment. We will monitor remotely and control the supply so there will be no additional burden on your organisation.

HyGear Gas-as-a-Service contracts

And most importantly, with our Gas-as-a-Service method, we will agree on a cost per volume of gas we supply and we will never surprise you with additional costs for delivery, storage, or other local charges.



HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source