A reliable supply of industrial gases plays a vital role in metal annealing and sintering processes. The most common are hydrogen and nitrogen for creating a stable gas atmosphere during annealing to improve the microstructure of metal products. In sintering processes, nitrogen and hydrogen-based atmospheres minimise the variations in atmospheric composition and dew point, both of which play a vital role in producing high quality products.

HyGear combines on-site generation with conventional trailer distribution to offer a more reliable and cost-effective gas supply method while reducing the environmental impact.

Sintering machinery metal

Sintering machinery of a metal production line

Hydrogen supply
HyGear offers small-scale hydrogen generators (Hy.GEN) based on steam reforming. The highly energy efficient Hy.GEN system can be installed at the customer’s site, and offers a safer, more reliable and cost attractive alternative to conventional hydrogen supply. The Hy.GEN also lowers the environmental impact. Read more

Nitrogen supply
HyGear offers reliable on-site nitrogen generators tailored for the metal industry. Read more

Hydrogen gas recovery
During metal treatment processes like sintering and annealing, the spent protective gas is usually vented from the process. HyGear’s Hy.RECpure product can recover the pure hydrogen from high hydrogen containing mixtures as can be found in the metal treatment industry. Read more

Total gas supply
HyGear offers the gas supply systems as packaged systems or turn-key as part of an integrated gas system for the entire metal production line. Furthermore, HyGear, together with its international finance partners, offers various financing options to realise ambitious projects for our customers.



HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source