Efficient conversion of biomass into hydrogen


HyGear has finalised the detailed design of a conversion system of dry biomass into pure hydrogen and will install the system mid 2015 in Italy for testing. The generated hydrogen is suitable as process gas for different industries or as energy source for fuel cell vehicles.

Currently, lots of biomass is left unutilised or solely used for heat-and electricity generation, because the conversion gasification technology of dry biomass into higher grade fuels like natural gas or hydrogen is not proven yet. HyGear – together with 6 international partners from France, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands – has developed a highly efficient conversion gasification process to generate pure hydrogen from dry biomass. The hydrogen can be deployed as process gas for different industries or as energy source for fuel cell vehicles. Development of the system is funded by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (www.fch-ju.eu).

In this unique gasifier project, HyGear is responsible for the development of the Gas Cleaning system to upgrade the synthetic gas into pure hydrogen. The cleaning system is based on HyGear’s effective PSA technology, also used in HyGear’s hydrogen generation systems (Hy.GEN) and Gas Recovery Systems (Hy.REC). Furthermore, due to HyGear’s strong experience in the development and construction of gas conversion and gas purification systems, HyGear is also responsible for the modelling, design and integration of the system. Besides the development of several chemical conversion technologies HyGear holds expertise on the development and manufacturing of heat exchangers (also for process heat recovery) and on gas treatment systems.

In addition to the conversion system of dry biomass into hydrogen, HyGear also conducted a feasibility study about the conversion of dry biomass into natural gas suitable for the Dutch gas grid. The study is currently being evaluated by theĀ Netherlands Enterprise Agency of the Dutch government.




HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source