Hydrogen technology is alive in Arnhem region

Hydrogen technology is no longer a dream. The technology has already many working applications, in which Arnhem has a pioneering role. This emerged from the well-attended meeting of the Manufacturing Innovation Network Group (PING) on March 5th, on which three speakers from the region showed the status and proceedings of their hydrogen solution.

The Manufacturing Innovation Network Group (PING) is an initiative of Syntens Innovation and the Royal Metal Union.  The network group regularly organizes networking events with different innovation themes. The PING meeting of 5 March entitled “Hydrogen technology for you and your company: now and in the future!”. Working applications of hydrogen technology are already contributing the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions. In the future, the technology can also significantly contribute to sustainable solutions of various energy issues.

That Arnhem plays a pioneering role in the development of hydrogen technology is partly due to ‘Energy Made in (Arnhem)’, a program created by Arnhem’s municipality. Energy and environmental entrepreneurs and research organizations find a good breeding ground in Arnhem, partly due to the presence of the innovative industrial park ‘Kleefse Waard’.

At the meeting, Marinus van Driel (HyGear) and Peter Bouwman (HyEt) presented on behalf of the industry. Bram Veenhuizen of the Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (HAN) spoke about the contribution in hydrogen technology that universities provide.

Van Driel told about his cleantech company HyGear, which specializes in on-site gas conversion systems. These systems increase the efficiency of the process, by making extensive supply chains obsolete. Also, HyGear offers systems that can turn local waste streams into valuable products. HyGear’s lead products are the hydrogen generation systems, converting natural gas to hydrogen in a non-permanent sea-container; ideal for businesses that want to have hydrogen against less cost and less CO2-emissions.

Peter Bouwman director of development HyEt, gave a presentation about the innovative, energy saving hydrogen compressor. With this compressor, hydrogen storage with a maximum of 800 bar becomes possible, for example in fuel cells.

Bram Veenhuizen, lecturer Vehicles and Mechanics at the HAN, showed how HAN’s Automotive Center of Expertise collaborates with companies and other research institutions to create innovative mobile hydrogen applications. A good example was the participation of students in the Shell Eco-marathon with a self-designed hydrogen fueled vehicle.

HyGear located on the Kleefse Waard hosted the event. This gave the visitors the opportunity to be acquainted with the hydrogen technology, leading to enthusiastic reactions like: “It’s inspiring that you can put your vision on the world into something profitable”. An HAN-employee emphasized how inspiring all these examples are for his students.

On the 18th of April 2013 Arnhem will again be dominated by Hydrogen, during the symposium ‘Rijden op waterstof’ from 13.00-17.00 on the HAN-campus.

For more information, please contact Ms. Petra Barelds (petra.barelds[at]hygear.nl).



HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source