Gas Purification Systems launched


HyGear has released a platform of effective PSA-based Gas Purification Systems to upgrade nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and methane into ultra high purities. The systems can be tailored to the end users needs in terms of purity and product flow.

Often, industrial gases are not available in the right quality at decentralised locations. Furthermore, many valuable waste streams are released in diluted form. For these applications, a need for on-site gas purification exists. Purified gas can be applied in industrial or medical industries and also find purpose in laboratories. On-site generation offers increased independency and flexibility and decreased costs and logistics.

HyGear’s Purification Systems (GPS) are based on its innovative PSA technology, occasionally combined with membrane separation and selective catalytic conversion. The systems can be tailored to the end-users’ needs in terms of purity and product flow and offer cost and reliability advantages to existing purification methods. The GPS can upgrade oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and methane into purities upto 9.0 (99,9999999% purity). Even higher purities can be obtained with HyGear’s gas polishing modules.

The core part of the system is the PSA unit. Over almost 10 years, HyGear has worked on the optimisation of its PSA technology to improve the reliability and cost and energy efficiency. In the years since then, the technology has been integrated in HyGear’s on-site Hydrogen Generation Systems that generate hydrogen by steam reforming and now in its GPS.

Upgrading lower quality gas is often a more cost-effective option than purchasing high purity gas
itself. Also, companies that have underutilised gas streams or gaseous waste streams can benefit by upgrading the gas on-site.



HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source