HyGear member of Sustainable Process Industry

HyGear is now member of SPIRE (Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency) a contractual Public-Private Partnership (PPP) dedicated to create resource and energy efficient innovations for industrial processes.

Its objective is to develop long term sustainability for Europe in terms of global competitiveness, ecology and employment.

The consortium has developed a roadmap to challenge innovations in sectors such as cement, ceramics, chemicals, engineering, non‑ferrous metals, minerals, steel and water to ensure an optimal impact in the EU from 2014 to 2020.

HyGear will contribute in the partnership by offering its competence in small-scale gas conversions solutions, test & pilot plants, and expertise in (V)PSA technology, reforming, gas conversion, desulfurization, gas upgrading and methanation. With these technologies, HyGear can contribute to energy efficiency, process efficiency, supply chain efficiency, emission reduction and the utilization of renewable energy sources.
More information about SPIRE can be written on their website.


HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source