HyGear nominated for Cleantech Star Award 2012

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has nominated HyGear as one of the most promising Dutch cleantech companies of 2012. The Cleantech Star Award 2012 is organized by WWF in cooperation with employers’ federation FME-CWM and energy company Eneco.

“We are very happy with this nomination, it validates our cleantech ambitions and it’s a great gift for HyGear’s 10 year anniversary,” Marinus van Driel, CEO at HyGear, says. HyGear develops small-scale gas-processing solutions increasing the energy efficiency, optimizing the supply chain and utilizing renewable, clean energy sources.

HyGear’s lead product is a family of on-site hydrogen generators based on steam reforming. These systems, which are installed at the industrial end users’ sites, offer cost advantages, simplify logistics and give environmental benefits to society in general.

Besides these products HyGear is developing other gas processing technologies that contribute to energy efficiency, supply chain optimization and utilize clean, renewable energy sources. Focus areas are the upgrading of biogas, the utilization of stranded gas and the distributed generation of electricity with Fuel Cells.

The purpose of the Cleantech Star Award is to stimulate and give appreciation to companies that contribute to a sustainable worldwide energy supply (clean tech sector). Currently, the Dutch celantech sector ranks 21st in research done by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in June 2012. Denmark, China and Germany lead the top 25. The Netherlands strives to be in the top 10 in 2020.

The nominees will present themselves at The Cleantech Star Award 2012, which takes place on December 11th at Drijvend Paviljoen in Rotterdam.






HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source