HyGear to run full scale test for Hy.REC


HyGear is set to run a test on the full scale system of the Hy.REC at one of their customers’ facilities in 2017.

The initial dry run of the Hy.REC system has proven to be both successful and effective and we are now moving into the next phase of full system testing.

HyGear’s Hy.REC is a highly efficient gas recycling system that is launched for the glass industry where it reduces the overall industrial gas consumption by half, and decreasing the emissions of dust and other harmful components significantly. 

The strategy of this innovative technology is to create additional values for our customers in optimising their production. Hy.REC can part of an integrated solution which can include the entire gas mixing and delivery system tailored to the customer’s needs.

About HyGear

Providing an alternative solution for end-users of industrial hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen gases, HyGear developed cutting-edge technologies of on-site gas generation. With the combination of these systems and conventional gas distribution methods, we offer the most cost-effective and reliable supply method with a guarantee of 100% up-time.

Our technical services and customer support is guaranteed by many of our partners worldwide. And to be able to serve our customers more effectively, we have offices in Europe and Asia.

To learn more about our technologies, please contact our dedicated sales team at sales@hygear.com or +31 88 9494 305 (Europe) and asia@hygear.com, +65 9169 4232 (Asia).



HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source