HyGear secures contract with electronics company for mixing station


HyGear has been contracted to supply an integrated gas storage, mixing and delivery system for industrial gases to one of its existing customers in the electronics industry. The system was developed as part of HyGear’s strategy to be a full service provider in the industrial gases industry.

In recent years, HyGear has experienced continuous growth in the field deployment of its on-site generation and recovery systems of industrial hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen to end users in various industries. It has been the company’s intent from the beginning to do things differently. The objective is to partner with valued customers to not only offer them the most cost-effective and reliable supply of gases, but also make sure that these gases are fed into the process at the required compositions.

The current contract concerns a tailored system of gas mixing and quality control. It includes on-site storages, mixing lines and feed system to the process. The entire mixing station is designed to handle fresh gases but is also capable of handling recovered gases from HyGear’s proprietary Hy.REC technology in the future.

“Delivering the gas supply system for this electronics company is an example of where we take the extra step in industrial gas supply. As we were already supplying hydrogen by on site generation, we now take the full responsibility from gas delivery to the process feed, so that the end users can focus on their own processes,” said Marinus van Driel, HyGear’s CEO.

About HyGear

Providing an alternative solution for end-users of industrial hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen gases, HyGear developed cutting-edge technologies of on-site gas generation. With the combination of these systems and conventional gas distribution methods, we offer the most cost-effective and reliable supply method with a guarantee of 100% up-time.

Our technical services and customer support is guaranteed by many of our partners worldwide. And to be able to serve our customers more effectively, we have offices in Europe and Asia.

To learn more about our technologies, please contact our dedicated sales team at sales@hygear.nl or +31 88 9494 305 (Europe) and +65 9169 4232 (Asia).



HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source