HyGear signs agreement for hydrogen supply for fuel cells application in North America


HyGear, a specialist in on-site hydrogen generation and supply, announces the agreement to supply its Hy.GEN technology to fill fuel cell driven vehicles for distribution centers in North America.

The most common method of hydrogen distribution today consists of central production and delivery by road transportation in trailers or cylinders to end-users. HyGear offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative by generating hydrogen at the end-user’s site.

In recent times, an increasing interest is observed in hydrogen energy applications, of which, vehicles with fuel cell engines offer the most promising one. HyGear has supplied its Hy.GEN technology for this application at many sites in Europe, North America, and Asia as it offers significant benefits to companies operating fuel cell powered fleets, or individuals owning fuel cell vehicles.

With the new contract, the company will realise two additional sites in North America, expanding further in the hydrogen energy segment.

“We are delighted with these new contracts as they further strengthen our presence in hydrogen energy applications. We know that fuel cells require high purity hydrogen and our Hy.GEN technology is one of the few solutions available to provide that in an economically viable manner. To get that affirmation from leading industry players strengthens our belief that we will play a role of importance in enabling this new energy application worldwide” commented Niels Lanser, HyGear’s Chief Commercial Officer.

About HyGear

HyGear’s mission is to establish local hydrogen sources globally. The company developed cutting-edge technologies for on-site generation of industrial gases and recycling of spent gases from the end-user’s process. By combining these technologies with traditional supply methods, HyGear guarantees the most optimal hydrogen supply in terms of cost, reliability, and environmental impact. These services are provided in the existing industrial gases market as well as the upcoming market of hydrogen energy.

HyGear has offices in The Netherlands and Singapore. The company is listed on the Dutch NPEX stock exchange (HYG).



HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source