HyGear wins Efficiency Award Mercedes-Benz

At the 12th of June, Mercedes-Benz has awarded HyGear with the BlueEFFICIENCY Award. HyGear’s Hydrogen Generation Systems (HGS) generate hydrogen from natural gas on a small-scale. The price was part of the SME Innovation Top 100 nominations.

It is the fourth time Mercedes-Benz has awarded a company for its innovation contributing to sustainable mobility. The award underlines the involvement of Mercedes-Benz in innovations in durable mobility. Martin Hegeman, director Mercedes-Benz Car handed out the price. Initiator of the SME Innovation Top 100 is Syntens, centre for innovations and network stimulation. Mercedes-Benz and NRC Handelsblad (Dutch trade news paper) support the yearly event.

The jury has chosen HyGear unanimously out of many other innovative solutions. HyGear already contributes to sustainable mobility and can expand the contribution even more over time. The company is a specialist in downscaling installations for chemical processes, which are currently only available on large scale. With the Hydrogen Generation System, HyGear proves that it is possible to downscale large-scale chemical processes without loss of efficiency. The system generates hydrogen from natural gas, overcoming the necessity of inefficient supply chains and large hydrogen storage. Furthermore, it generates hydrogen on demand, at industrial sites and hydrogen fuelling stations for mobility.

The hydrogen of HyGear’s installation is a step towards the new generation zero emission vehicles. Fuel cell cars have a range of approximately 600 km on a single hydrogen fuelling without CO2-emissions. Hydrogen fuelling takes about 2 minutes. The system generates hydrogen from the local natural gas grid. HyGear can improve its system even further by developing a systems converting biogas to hydrogen.


For further information please contact HyGear’s marketing department:

Ms. Petra Barelds





HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source