KIWA (UK) starts hydrogen production with HyGear’s technology


KIWA in Cheltenham (UK), a global institution for testing, inspection, and certification, recently started its own on-site low-carbon hydrogen production and distribution with the Hy.GEN system of HyGear. HyGear supplied and commissioned the hydrogen generator that produces hydrogen from natural gas primarily supplied by a local biogas plant.

Hydrogen revolution

This innovative system produces on-site hydrogen from methane, derived from a local biogas source, providing a reliable, sustainable, and local source of energy for KIWA’s industrial applications distributed through the UK’s first 1986 Gas Act (low pressure) hydrogen pipeline. With this future-proof and sustainable approach, KIWA is a driver of the renewable hydrogen revolution in the U.K., and in line with the U.K. hydrogen strategy, Kiwa, and their expertise in the gas sector, has a unique stance in the hydrogen market.

Biomethane to low-carbon hydrogen

HyGear’s steam methane reforming (SMR) technology allows for the efficient conversion of biomethane, also known as renewable natural gas, into high-quality hydrogen. By generating hydrogen on-site, our system reduces the need for transportation and storage of hydrogen saves costs, reduces carbon emissions, and provides reliable and clean hydrogen.

On-site hydrogen production

This decentralized approach provides industrial applications with greater control over their hydrogen supply chain. This means that businesses can tailor their hydrogen production to meet their specific needs, ensuring a reliable and independent source of energy for their operations. The prefab and modular Hy.GEN arrives on-site fully ready for use.



HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source