Nedstack opts for HyGear’s hydrogen supply


Arnhem – HyGear, a supplier of industrial gases through on-site generation and recovery technology announced to have agreed on the supply of hydrogen with Nedstack.

Nedstack, a market leader in proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell has opted for HyGear to be its supplier for hydrogen in cylinders for their daily quality control testing of fuel cell stacks on the production line in The Netherlands.

Fuel cells generate electricity from hydrogen and air without harmful emissions. The so called “stacks” are considered to be one of the most important components in the future energy system as they can be deployed in zero-emission transportation applications as well as stationary power generation.

As a leading producer of fuel cell stacks, Nedstack maintains high quality standards and to assure these, the company performs full in line testing of each stack in its production process. This testing is done on high purity hydrogen that from now on will be supplied from HyGear’s new hydrogen plant in Arnhem in 300 bar cylinder supply.

“We see increasing demands for our fuel cell stack technology, which results in an increasing demand for hydrogen for our production process. Before entering in this supply agreement, we thoroughly tested hydrogen from the new plant in Arnhem and found that quality was stable and well suited for our PEM fuel cell application” comments Arnoud van de Bree, Nedstack’s CEO.

“Our supply agreement with Nedstack results from a long lasting business relation that started when our companies were founded more than 15 years ago. It is great to see that we are still finding synergies now both our businesses are ramping up” Marinus van Driel added on behalf of HyGear,

About HyGear

Providing an alternative solution for end-users of industrial hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen gases, HyGear developed cutting-edge technologies of on-site gas generation. With the combination of these systems and conventional gas distribution methods, we offer the most cost-effective and reliable supply method with a guarantee of 100% up-time.

Our technical services and customer support is guaranteed by many of our partners worldwide. And to be able to serve our customers more effectively, we have offices in Europe and Asia.

To learn more about our technologies, please contact our dedicated sales team at, +31 88 9494 308 (Europe) or, +65 6909 3064 (Asia)

About Nedstack

Nedstack is a Dutch independent, and one of the world’s leading, fuel cell manufacturer, producing Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells for PEM power plants, the market for heavy duty transport, as well as marine applications. Founded in 1998 as a spin-off of Akzo Nobel, Nedstack has been able to deploy significant numbers of PEM fuel cell stacks in the world, gaining extensive experience on PEM fuel cell operation for different applications. Nedstack has shown very long lifetimes of their products in PEM power plants.

To know more about Nedstack, visit or contact +31 26 3190 7600.



HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source