Besides standardised products for on-site generation of hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, HyGear offers tailored systems for the recycling of industrial gases to reduce both costs and environmental impact. The opportunities lie in the reduction of the operational costs of utilities (hydrogen and nitrogen) and therefore fit well with the industry’s aim of energy and cost savings.


Significant amounts of the hydrogen-nitrogen gas mixture are – in combination with pollutants – left at the exit of industrial processes and left unutilised. The Hy.RECmix system recovers the mixed atmosphere from the process. By feeding the polluted gas mixture into HyGear’s Gas Recovery System, a significant fraction of the hydrogen and nitrogen can be recovered and reused as a new reductive gas mixture.

The Hy.RECmix is developed to recover the gas mixtures from the tin bath in float glass production. With small changes, it can be tailored to other applications for the recovery of hydrogen-nitrogen gas mixtures as well.

Since the economical viability of industrial gas recycling systems depends on the value of the recovered gas in relation to the energy consumption of the system, the Hy.RECmix is designed to consume the lowest possible electricity, which results in the highest economical rate of return. Key part of the integrated post-treatment module is the advanced Temperature Swing Adsorption (TSA) with ultralow pressure drop to further reduce operational expenses.


During metal treatment processes like sintering and annealing, the spent protective gas is usually vented from the process. This waste stream has a significant value because of the relatively high hydrogen content. The Hy.RECpure product can recover the pure hydrogen from high hydrogen containing mixtures as can be found in the metal treatment industry.

The system can be installed as an integrated skid that recovers the vented gas from the upstream side. It removes particles and purifies the mixture into high quality hydrogen that can be blended back into the gas system. The Hy.RECpure can be applied in all industries using pure hydrogen process gas.

HyGear’s proprietary low pressure vacuum pressure swing adsorption (VPSA) technology minimises the need for compression, resulting in minimised electricity consumption.



HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source