HyGear has developed innovative and efficient Gas Purification Systems to upgrade small-scale waste streams. The Bio.PUR-systems are affordable solutions for the on-site biogas purification from digesters and gasifiers.


Many valuable waste streams are released in diluted form. For these applications, a need for on-site gas purification exists. HyGear offers a platform of small-scale Gas Purification Systems (Bio.PURE) based on HyGear’s effective PSA technology, occasionally combined with membrane separation and selective catalytic conversion. HyGear’s on-site purification systems overcome the need for biomass or biogas transportation. This reduces costs and emissions.

Due to the advanced system integration and internal heat exchange, the system is highly energy efficient; no external heat- or electricity is needed. Bio.PURE can be tailored to the end users needs in terms of purity and product flow and offer a cost effective and reliable alternative to existing purification methods.

biogas upgrading

Bio.PURE biogas upgrading for digester and gasifier gas


-> On-site technology

-> Highly efficient process

-> No external heat- and electricity needed

-> Flexibility of inlet gas streams in quality, quantity and pressure

-> Tailor made to the customer’s needs

-> Up to 9.0 (99.9999999%) purity

-> Remote monitoring and operation

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HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source