Oxygen removal from biogas

HyGear offers proven and in-house developed De.OXO systems with oxygen (O2) removal technology from two gas streams: biogas and hydrogen. The De.OXO Biogas system provides a tailored solution for managing oxygen content in biogas, a critical requirement in the US bioenergy sector. Biogas plants and anaerobic digestion systems typically introduce small amounts of oxygen for sulfur removal. Yet, the strict regulations on oxygen content enforced by certain US states create logistical challenges when transporting biogas across state lines for grid injection. Looking for oxygen removal from hydrogen? Learn more about our hydrogen deoxygenation solution. 

Deoxygenation Before Upgrading 

The De.OXO system of HyGear is a compact, autonomous system designed to conduct deoxygenation – the removal of oxygen from biogas – before the biogas upgrading process. This critical deoxygenation step, occurring before biogas is converted into renewable natural gas (RNG), not only streamlines the entire process but also reduces the need for extensive transport and manual labor. It boosts the purity and value of your biomethane, too. 

De.OXO Biogas - Oxygen Removal from Biogas


De.OXO’s deoxygenation technology is uniquely tailored to meet the specific regulations and needs of the US market. It ensures compliance with stringent oxygen content regulations, improves operational efficiency, and elevates the overall value of your product. As such, De.OXO represents a strategic advantage for US bioenergy businesses seeking to enhance their operations and stay ahead of regulatory demands. 


At HyGear, we understand that every sector has unique demands when it comes to gas purification. With this understanding, we have designed the De.OXO technology to be versatile and effective for a wide range of applications, including the removal of oxygen from either biogas or hydrogen. Our solutions are comprehensive, providing industries with the tools necessary to enhance the purity of their gas output. By leveraging our De.OXO technology, businesses can improve the quality of the gas output, increasing its market value. The De.OXO solution underscores HyGear’s commitment to leading the way in innovative and sustainable gas solutions. 

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