HyGear is developing Fuel Cell Systems. Fuel Cell Systems can be used to generate electricity from hydrogen. This results in very efficient heating power systems with no off-gases other than water vapour and air.

Clean and efficient power

A hydrogen fuel cell is an electrochemical device that converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity without any other harmful emissions. Fuel Cells offer several advantages over conventional electricity generation. First of all, electricity generation with fuel cells is highly efficient because the electricity generation takes place electrochemically; direct chemical conversion without combustion and friction. Secondly, the systems are scalable without loss of efficiency. This means that in modulating production, the efficiency is always the same. Finally, there are no moving parts, offering a potential high reliability.


Fuel Cells can be used in many different applications of different sizes. Today, it is expected that automotive propulsion is one of the lead markets. Almost every car company has a fuel cell program today. However, the technology also offers advantages in stationary power generation. This can be done in different scales, from small residential up to several Mega Watts.

At HyGear we have concluded that the very large scale is not attractive for hydrogen fuel cells, due to the very steady load profiles and the low costs of existing Power Plant technology. However, when the need goes below 500 kWe, several niches occur. We have identified two technology platforms where our own intellectual property can make a difference. These are small scale remote power (up to 15 kW) and intermediate scale stationary generators (up to 500 kW).

Due to the decentralized nature of these products, we believe that there is a need to have them operate on so called “decentralized fuel”. These are fuels that are locally available and they have to be converted in the systems to hydrogen rich mixtures. This conversion technology is our core expertise at HyGear.




HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source