The Objective

While most hydrogen filling systems and (fast) battery charging systems are targeting densely populated area’s or highways, there are no solutions for rural areas. The main challenge in such areas is that the power grid is underdeveloped and not suitable for charging battery electric vehicles, let alone generating hydrogen from the grid by electrolysis. In these areas the gas network is usually adequate enough to provide the energy for both functions.

In this project, an off-grid Filler-Charger system will be developed and tested. The system will be refuelling Fuel Cell powered vehicles (FCEV) and battery powered vehicles (BEV) without a connection to the electricity grid.

Tapping into the expertise of the consortium, Nedstack will develop the fuel cell system to produce electricity for fast charging battery vehicles while Strukton Civiel Noord & Oost will design the overall filling/charging station. And HyGear will leverage on its experience in Steam Methane Reforming (SMR), to generate hydrogen for the filling station as well as the fuel cell system, where it is converted to power for fast charging. The new system will be equipped with CO2 capture and liquefaction in order to assure no local emissions occur.

The ultimate objective of this project is to make cost-effective hydrogen filling and fast charging solutions available throughout the world, without limitations imposed by existing infrastructures.

The concept

The Off-grid Filler-charge concept is a combination of HyGear’s hydrogen generator and a fuel cell module from Nedstack. The produced hydrogen is compressed and supplied to FCEV or used in the fuel cell to generate electricity to charge BEV.

HyGear_Nedstack_Strukton Filler-charger

The Consortium

The project consists of three partners: HyGear, Nedstack and Strukton Civiel who develop, build and test the Off-grid Filler-charger system together.

Hygear_The global hydrogen source

“It is a pleasure to work with strong partners like Nedstack and Strukton where we can combine their strengths and our world-leading hydrogen solutions. This partnership is recognized by the East Netherlands Development Agency to deliver new energy solutions in off-grid and low-grid areas,” says Ellart de Wit, CTO of HyGear.


“This project is a great example of the opportunities created by cooperation in the clean energy sector. By combining the known-how of the partners into an energy solution that puts minimal demands on the existing infrastructure, we are creating solutions that can boost the energy transition,” says Jos Lenssen, CTO of Nedstack.

Strukton Civiel

“We see developments of hydrogen refuelling and electric charging in the ‘automotive sector’ following each other at a rapid pace and realize that this also has consequences for the infrastructure of tomorrow. We see it as a great task to work on this with HyGear and Nedstack,” says Niek van Bentheim, Project Manager at Strukton Civiel Noord & Oost.


This project is supported by the European Fund for Regional development (EFRO) under the Op.Oost program.





HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source