Oxygen removal from hydrogen

HyGear offers proven and in-house developed De.OXO systems with oxygen (O2) removal technology from two gas streams: biogas and hydrogen. The De.OXO Hydrogen technology of HyGear provides a tailored solution for removing oxygen content in hydrogen generated in an elektrolyzer. This purifies the oxygen as an impurity from hydrogen after electrolysis. Looking for oxygen removal from biogas? Learn more about our biogas deoxygenation solution. 

Oxygen Removing Technology 

As the use of electrolyzers becomes more widespread, the demand for high-quality hydrogen grows. Hydrogen derived from electrolyzers are saturated with water and with small amounts of oxygen, which need to be eliminated to ensure efficiency and to achieve high fuel cell quality. HyGear has developed a compact oxygen removal purifier, the De.OXO Hydrogen, that autonomously removes oxygen and water vapor. This oxygen removing techology can be effortlessly integrated downstream of the electrolyzer, acting as a plug-and-play solution that elevates the purity and value of your hydrogen.

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Oxygen removal hydrogen after electrolysis 

In the world of hydrogen production, the step of oxygen removal in hydrogen after electrolysis has gained critical importance. The presence of oxygen can compromise the quality of hydrogen. HyGear’s De.OXO technology offers an effective solution for this specific challenge. Our advanced deoxygenation system can seamlessly fit into your existing operations, ensuring that oxygen introduced during the electrolysis process is effectively removed. It allows for enhanced purity, greater efficiency, and ultimately, a higher market value for your hydrogen. With the De.OXO system, achieving premium quality hydrogen post-electrolysis is no longer a complex task but a standard procedure in your production chain. 

The De.OXO solution underlines HyGear’s commitment to leading the way in innovative and sustainable gas solutions. 


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HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source