HyGear offers small-scale on-site standalone oxygen purifiers that customers can integrate with their peripheral equipment of choice. The capacity ranges from 5 Nm3/h to 380 Nm3/h with purities between 90% and 95%.

The design of the O.GEN is based on HyGear’s extensive experience in PSA gas separation technology and gas processing systems. The O.GEN offers improved security of supply and cost reduction due to the nature of on-site generation and the dependency of third parties trucked supply.

Highly efficient PSAs modules for system integrators.



MODEL / PURITY 90% 93% 95%
    OUTPUT NM3/H  
O.GEN C-8 8.5 7.5 7.0
O.GEN C-10 11.0 10.0 9.0
O.GEN C-12 13.5 12.0 11.0
O.GEN C-15 17.0 15.5 14.0
O.GEN C-25 27.0 24.5 22.5
O.GEN C-35 38.0 34.5 31.5
O.GEN C-55 55.5 50.5 46.0
O.GEN C-70 73.5 67.0 61.0
O.GEN C-95 97.0 88.5 81.0
O.GEN C-120 128.0 116.0 99.5
O.GEN C-150 143.0 130.0 118.0
O.GEN C-170 179.0 163.0 149.0
O.GEN C-220 225.0 204.5 186.0
O.GEN C-250 270.0 245.5 223.5
O.GEN C-350 360.5 327.5 298.0


MODEL / PURITY 93% 95%
  OUTPUT (NM3/H)  
O.GEN CM-5 7.5 6.5
O.GEN CM-10 15.5 14.0
O.GEN CM-50 67.0 61.0
O.GEN CM-100 130.0 118.0
O.GEN CM-150 204.5 186.0
O.GEN CM-250 327.5 298.0


Based on our concentrators, we also offer fully integrated systems for oxygen generation and supply for medical as well as industrial applications. Our systems are based on highly reliable top industry standard components and operated on a single control with intuitive touch screen control panel.

First, the ambient air is compressed to the required specifications. Next, the compressed air is dried and filtered from oil, dust and other undesired species.

The pre-treated air proceeds into the air receiver, where the air is buffered to ensure a continuous generation process. In the PSA module, the oxygen is separated from the air by using Zeolite Molecular Sieve (ZMS) adsorption material. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other species are adsorbed by the ZMS which the pure oxygen passes through.

In the last stage, the generated oxygen is stored in the buffer tank to balance the pressure fluctuation and ensure a stable oxygen supply.

HyGear_OGEN integrated oxygen generation system installation



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HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source