HyGear offers small-scale on-site standalone nitrogen purifiers that our customers can integrate with their peripheral equipment of choice. The capacity ranges from 10 Nm3/h to 2700 Nm3/h with purities between 95% and 99.999%.

The highly efficient on-site nitrogen generator is based on HyGear’s extensive experience in PSA gas separation technology and gas processing
systems. Due to its high quality components, the N.GEN requires minimum maintenance while having extended operation lifetime. The systems are flexible in capacity and can be combined with HyGear’s on-site hydrogen and oxygen Generation systems to offer total on-site gas supply.

Highly efficient PSAs modules for system integrators.


MODEL / PURITY 95% 99% 99.5%99.9% 99.99% 99.995%99.999%
N.GEN C-4097.859.648.535.022.015.710.0
N.GEN C-60131.474.563.444.926.019.613.2
N.GEN C-90196.6107.
N.GEN C-110242.3133.2111.880.147.135.924.7
N.GEN C-150346.6191.9158.4119.369.052.235.4
N.GEN C-180410.0223.6186.4141.
N.GEN C-250587.0326.1265.6202.0117.188.359.6
N.GEN C-350847.9470.5391.3291.6168.7127.786.7
N.GEN C-5001064.1587.0503.2364.9211.2159.6108.1
N.GEN C-6001276.5704.4605.7438.1253.9192.1130.4
N.GEN C-7501490.8945.7797.8523.2301.0228.0155.1
N.GEN C-8501702.41060.4884.4583.1337.3255.3173.3
N.GEN C-10002127.21325.41133.6687.8422.5319.2216.2
N.GEN C-13002553.11590.51360.6876.2507.8384.3260.9


Based on our concentrators, we also offer fully integrated systems for nitrogen generation for industrial applications. Our systems are based on highly reliable top industry standard components and operated on a single control with intuitive touch screen control panel.

In the first section of the N.GEN, atmospheric air is compressed. The compressed air is subsequently fed in the air preparation module (APM) to remove water, oil and impurities. The APM consists of multiple filters and a dryer. The clean, dry and oil-free compressed air is captured in the air receiver tank.

HyGear uses highly efficient Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology as its core module in the second stage. The PSA separates the nitrogen from other gaseous species by using the differences in adsorption properties. The two parallel active vessels enable a continuous process stream.

The produced nitrogen is stored in a buffer tank to balance the pressure fluctuation and ensure a stable nitrogen supply. Depending on the required pressure, a compressor can be added.



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HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source