HyGear partners PERIC to supply water electrolysers


Arnhem – HyGear, a specialist in on-site hydrogen generation and supply announced that the company has signed a distributor agreement with PERIC for hydrogen generation through water electrolysis to further extend the product offering in on-site hydrogen supply.  

The two most common methods of hydrogen generation are steam reforming and water electrolysis. Both technologies have different advantages in terms of efficiency, emissions, and cost. The most optimal method depends on the end user’s application and local aspects like availability and pricing of utilities.

HyGear has grown to become a world’s leading company in the field of on-site hydrogen supply by steam reforming. The company has expanded on that by developing technologies that can recover and purify spent hydrogen to be reused in the end-user’s applications. Adding electrolysis technology to this portfolio will allow the company to always offer the most optimal solution in terms of cost, reliability, and environmental impact.

PERIC is one of the world’s most experienced companies in the field of water electrolysis and gas purification. The company has been supplying electrolysis systems for industrial applications since 1966. They have the capacity to manufacture 300 systems annually with a broad capacity range. The current annual production capacity is up to 100MW, and the second 100MW production capacity is recently completed. Depending on the future global market requirements, PERIC is also all set for its third 100MW production capacity.

“Since the introduction of our Gas-as-a-Service (GaaS) business model, where we take long term responsibility for our customers’ hydrogen supply, we knew we needed to tailor our solutions to customers’ needs depending on their local circumstances. Our investments in new hydrogen recycling technologies and hydrogen trailers were important support pillars for this model. The cooperation with such an experienced and renowned company like PERIC, completes our portfolio and will certainly help us to grow even faster”, Marinus van Driel, HyGear’s CEO comments”

“We have seen HyGear as an important player in the upcoming market for hydrogen energy and industrial hydrogen. Our ambition is to develop a market for our proven electrolysis technology, but also our new technologies currently under development in Europe and we believe that our cooperation will support that ambition,” said Chen Tianshan, PERIC’s Director of Marketing & Projects.

About HyGear

HyGear’s mission is to establish local hydrogen sources globally. The company developed cutting-edge technologies for on-site generation of industrial gases and recycling of spent gases from the end-user’s process. By combining these technologies with traditional supply methods, HyGear guarantees the most optimal hydrogen supply in terms of cost, reliability, and environmental impact. These services are provided in the existing industrial gases market as well as the upcoming market of hydrogen energy.

HyGear has offices in The Netherlands and Singapore. The company is listed on the Dutch NPEX stock exchange (HYG).


PERIC is a state-level R&D institute which is belonging to China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited, mainly engaged in R&D design and manufacture, technical services, etc. in the production of hydrogen, oxygen, air purification, chemical energy, specialty gases, fine chemical, radiation detection, environmental engineering, gas analysis, energy-saving engineering, nuclear safety and other aspects of the professional research and design.



HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source