HyGear signs new contracts for delivery of Hy.REC purification systems


Arnhem – HyGear, a supplier of industrial gases through on-site generation and recovery technology announced the signing of two contracts for the supply of Hy.RECpure gas recovery systems with Hydrogenious Technologies.

Hydrogenious, the developer of the breakthrough technology of safe and efficient storage of hydrogen in Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) has placed an order for two Hy.RECpure systems to purify hydrogen after LOHC storage to PEM fuel cell grade quality. Hydrogen storage in LOHC offers advantages over conventional pressurized storage as the storage density compares to storage at over 2,000 bar but at ambient conditions. In some specific applications for hydrogen as energy carrier, post purification is required to extend the life time of the downstream equipment.

The Hy.RECpure systems offer distinct advantages over conventional purification systems as the design is flexible in terms of operating pressure and cleaning methods, in relation to the components that need to be removed. The Hy.RECpure can therefore be applied in many different industries, from industrial process gas recovery to hydrogen fuel preparation.

Besides the current sales agreements, HyGear and Hydrogenious are developing a long term cooperation that covers the supply and distribution of Hy.RECpure products as well as the further development of the technology. For this purpose, the companies, together with other partners, signed a grant agreement with the European Union of around Euro 2.5 million, to cover the further development of LOHC storage technology as well as dedicated Hy.RECpure technology.

“We are happy to have established the partnership with Hydrogenious as their ground-breaking technology opens a new pathway for accelerated implementation of hydrogen as an energy carrier, which is one of HyGear’s key growth areas as well”, said Ellart de Wit, HyGear’s Chief Technology Officer.

Martin Schneider, Hydrogenious’ Head of Product Management further comments: “Our LOHC hydrogen storage technology offers important advantages in large-scale storage of hydrogen using conventional liquid fuel infrastructure solutions for high-capacity hydrogen transportation at ambient conditions. LOHC thereby facilitates the deployment of global hydrogen infrastructure and the supply of hydrogen refueling stations. By combining our products with HyGear’s Hy.RECpure technology, we can effectively target a wider range of hydrogen applications and accelerate the commercial roll-out of our LOHC technology.”

About HyGear

Providing an alternative solution for end-users of industrial hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen gases, HyGear developed cutting-edge technologies of on-site gas generation. With the combination of these systems and conventional gas distribution methods, we offer the most cost-effective and reliable supply method with a guarantee of 100% up-time.

Our technical services and customer support is guaranteed by many of our partners worldwide. And to be able to serve our customers more effectively, we have offices in Europe and Asia.

To learn more about our technologies, please contact our dedicated sales team at sales@hygear.com, +31 88 9494 308 (Europe) and asia@hygear.com, +65 9169 4232 (Asia).

About Hydrogenious

Founded in 2013 by its CEO Dr. Daniel Teichmann and the three co-founders Prof. Wolfgang Arlt, Prof. Peter Wasserscheid and Prof. Eberhard Schlücker, Hydrogenious Technologies is a spin-off of Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. Having completed the technological proof of concept for safe and efficient hydrogen storage at the university’s laboratories, the idea of a Hydrogen Logistics Infrastructure became reality and Hydrogenious Technologies, a global pioneer in LOHC-based hydrogen infrastructures, was born. The shareholdings of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Anglo American Platinum as well as a successful third round of financing with Zhongshan Broad-Ocean Motor Co., Ltd. in December 2017 back Hydrogenious Technologies with strong scientific, strategic and financial capacities. From this strong position, Hydrogenious will realize large-scale Hydrogen Logistics Infrastructures for industries and hydrogen refuelling stations globally.

To learn more about HYDROGENIOUS TECHNOLOGIES GmbH, please contact Dr. Cornelius von der Heydt, Head of Business Development & Sales, sales@hydrogenious.net, +49 (0)9131-12640-220 at the company headquarters in Germany (Weidenweg 13, 91058 Erlangen, Germany)



HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source