HyGear supplies hydrogen to fuelling station in Amsterdam


HyGear, the specialist in on-site hydrogen generation and supply have signed a contract with Rijngas, a gas sales and distribution company in the Netherlands for the supply of hydrogen to a fuelling station in Amsterdam that is operated by OrangeGas.

This hydrogen fuelling station is one of the first in Amsterdam and the sixth station in the country. As the world is moving towards a cleaner environment, there have been a significant pick up in the automotive industry. More hydrogen fuelling stations are being built to support the increasing number of hydrogen fuel cells vehicles on the road.

The hydrogen will be supplied by HyGear’s production site located in Arnhem by trailers where it will be transfilled into an on-site storage at the fuelling station. Rijngas will be managing the process of the transportation. The new station is located at Australiehavenweg 116, Amsterdam, and will be operated by OrangeGas that has a network of several fuels aside from hydrogen, such bio-CNG, HVO100, and electric fast-charging stations throughout the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden.

“HyGear is glad to be part of the growth of the hydrogen energy economy. This was the initial plan where the company was built on and will continue to move towards this direction of a greener environment,” said Niels Lanser, HyGear’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“Rijngas is a highly service-oriented company that knows how to create clear added value for its customers. The basic product of Rijngas is LPG and propane. Through a very constructive collaboration with HyGear, a transition to hydrogen is currently being implemented,” commented Norbert Romijn, Director of Rijngas. “The importance of hydrogen for Rijngas will only increase.”

“The opening of this hydrogen station is in line with the ambition of OrangeGas to become one of the largest hydrogen providers. OrangeGas is currently working on ten projects including hydrogen filling stations in Leeuwarden, Utrecht, Zwolle, and several locations in Drenthe,”

About HyGear

At HyGear, we believe that hydrogen will be the fuel of the future. With state-of-the-art technologies to generate and recycle hydrogen at or near the end users’ site, HyGear offers the most optimal and cost-efficient supply with the best reliability and lowest environmental impact. Providing worldwide services in the existing industrial gases market and the upcoming market for hydrogen energy, HyGear is set on a mission to establish local hydrogen sources globally.

 As a member of the Xebec Group, we are dedicated to help the world transition to a low-carbon future. Together with our affiliated companies, we deliver premium technologies for renewable natural gas, hydrogen as clean future energy carrier, and on-site generation and recycling of industrial gases. With a global network of technical services companies, we are able to provide installation, servicing and maintenance of our equipment worldwide.

For more information, www.hygear.com and www.xebecinc.com.

Hygear_The global hydrogen source

About Rijngas

Rijngas is an experienced company in gas sales distribution that is based in the eastern region of The Netherlands in Dinxperlo. Our goal is to ensure that our customers come first and we offer products that are innovative and more effective than those of our competitors.

For Rijngas, quality is, delivering the correct amount of product in the right place at the right time at a market-friendly price!

To learn more about Rijngas B.V., visit www.rijngas.nl or contact info@rijngas.nl, +31 315 655500.


About OrangeGas

OrangeGas provides 100% clean fuel and contributes to sustainable mobility. We make clean and circular fuels available. OrangeGas offers a wide range of clean fuels that are always produced sustainably and as locally as possible. The ambition of OrangeGas is to be the largest clean fuel retailer in North-West Europe combined with own production.

The clean fuels of OrangeGas are: Green Gas (CNG), liquid CO2, green hydrogen, HVO100, ED95, fast chargers, and soon also LBG.




HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source

HyGear: The Global Hydrogen Source